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Oct 11, 2012 11:00pm EDT
in the game. then he doubled up the guy at first. just unbelievable game. >> reporter: and joe saunders. >> who would have thought that dan traded -- i believe it was matt in the bullpen out to arizona for this -- joe saunders. he has been a scrappy left hander. >> reporter: trying to get through the 11th and arod will lead it off, or won't he? its going nuts in here and it's nuts of course at home. >> go orioles. >> reporter: its been five great nights, showing the world we know how to cheer again. >> brings a lot of hope to the city. everybody is excited, fired up. they want to follow the orioles and i think everybody is very excited about the orioles baseball for the first time since i have been a little kid. >> reporter: when your skipper calls you out that feels good. >> we are the best. we have faith of. i have been a fan since i was a kid. >> nobody thought we would play on a thursday night, 10, 11, 12. >> its been a long time. >> reporter: never give up, gamers, tough, guy you want to root for. perfect team for the city. >> it's a great team. buck did a great job with the
Oct 8, 2012 11:00pm EDT
a few dollars a month. for some that vanishes the first time they try to use it. joe and leslie didn't want any surprise when is they bought a 25-year-old house. they spent $400 on a home warranty. when the furnace went out. >> they wouldn't cover it. >> they wouldn't. >> reporter: the gas valves weren't covered by the warranty. then when their garage door opener went out the warranty wouldn't cover that either. >> tried too. based on the fact it was a power surge. >> reporter: there is no evidence of a power surge. >> it was denied because they said it was still under warranty but it wasn't. >> reporter: they filed another claim but. >> called them to ask about the garage door and they said it was going to be denied because it was preexisting. >> reporter: between all that they paid and paid and paid. >> $335 for the garage door, 473 for the furnace, 140 for the furace. >> reporter: to the ating well over a thousand dollars. the bbb reminds people to check ratings at the bbb. find what qualifies as a preexisting condition and if you can use your own contractor or have to wait
Oct 12, 2012 11:00pm EDT
tonight, they just couldn't get a big hit. jason, ham elevators, a great starts pitcher. we had joe saunders who just -- they were just great. here's the controversial call that turned the game around. o's down 1-0. it's a long fly ball down the line. did it hit the foul pole? yes, it did. the replays show it did. it would have tied the game. it was called foul. the empire ed umpires looked at it and kept that call. they loaded the bases but that was it. the final score was 3-1. here's buck a an emotional skipper for this club tonight. >> you don't know how many times you're going to pass this way. they got a grip on a lot of young people. they know they're not bullet proof. >> reporter: okay. another look at this ball hitting the foul pole. in major league baseball if that ball hits the pole it's fair. it's a homerun. that ball hits the foul pole, highway robbery tonight. the ols -- the orioles should have had a homerun, the game would have tied at 1. the next inning the yankees got a run and then another one. things could have been much different there. after the game i asked what
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3